Wolfram Mining Supplies has positioned itself as a leading provider of specialised, high-quality, and affordable mining equipment and machines in South Africa. Our offerings cover the needs of various industrial sectors, with a particular focus on South African and African mining operations.

We pride ourselves on the experience and skill of our dedicated and diverse team of professionals from all fields, the partnerships we have formed with leading global manufacturers of mining equipment, and the quality of our services, both before and after sales.

These factors have come together to allow us to maintain a commitment to our goal of being one of Africa’s most successful and trusted mining equipment suppliers.

A full range of products

Our products and solutions for the various mining industries is extensive and specialised and are all sourced from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Our experience has taught us the value of quality and reliability, which is something we offer to our clients at every turn, thanks to our partnerships with manufacturers.

These solutions include the following:

– Underground mining equipment

– Crushers and vibrating feeders

– High-density solids, concrete, and mortar pumps

– Welding machines and consumables

– Pumps and piping systems

– LED lighting

– Switchboards and electrical components

– Protective coatings

– Demarcation lighting

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Industry we supply

We offer a varied range of solutions which allows us to meet the specific needs of different operations across various industries and fields. While we do have a strong focus on mining equipment and machines in South Africa, our solutions are well suited to a range of other specialised industries.

The industries we service include the following:

– Flue gas desulfurization

– Water treatment

– Petrochemical

– Oil and gas

– Copper mines

– Gold mines

– Nickel mines

– Platinum mines

Working with leading brands

We attribute the quality of our offers to the brands that we have associated with, selecting only the best in the industry when it comes to quality, reliability, efficiency, and cost.

We have spent the better part of 3 decades collating trusted industry names, to ensure that their value is passed on to our clients.

The manufacturers and brands that we work with include the following household names:

– Bosch

– Carl Hamm

– Putzmeister

– Jefrey


– Harris

– Weitkowitz

– Intercable

An extensive history of excellence

Our biggest benefits come from our extensive experience in our industry. Wolfram Mining Supplies was first founded in 1990, and since then we have grown in our offerings, quality, and partnerships. We now boast a cross-continental network of operations, a vast collection of satisfied clients, and over 30 years of experience, unique insights, and ideal partnerships.

This makes us one of the most successful and trusted suppliers of mining equipment and machines in South Africa, and we look forward to continued growth, development, and industry transformations.

A client-focused approach

Each facility has different needs when it comes to the equipment they require, depending on the type and scope of their operations. To ensure that each of our clients gets the most out of the solutions they source from us, we work closely with them to identify their specific needs and challenges.

Through strong partnerships with our clients that extend into exceptional after-sales services, we have made a client-centric approach an integral part of what we do.

Value-added services

As a leading supplier of mining equipment, our team offers an array of services related to the quality equipment we provide. We offer a range of additional services that include consulting with mines and facilities to develop solutions that work for their particular needs.

In addition to this, we also assist clients with installations and maintenance. Our experience across several fields has provided us with the insights necessary to give our clients that much more out of our services.

To ensure that supplied solutions are used to their full potential and provide the best possible longevity, we also offer training services as part of installation, to ensure that all your operators are able to use supplied equipment safely and effectively.

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