ElectroMagnetic Vibrating Feeders

Our offers on electromagnetic vibrating feeders in South Africa accommodate both Electromechanical and Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeders, ranging from 1 ton up to 2000 tons per hour on various types of materials.

A Pioneering Name

The JEFFREY previously DRESSER / KOMATSU name brand has been an extraordinarily successful product and has been locally manufactured in South Africa and serviced across the African Continent for the past 50 years.

Repair & Replacements for Vibrating Feeders

Wolfram Mining Supplies repairs any brand or model Vibrating Feeder as well as supply repair parts and pan liners. We stock a wide range of parts for various electromagnetic vibrating feeders and provide field service personnel for.

High-Performance Feeders 

Jeffrey electromagnetic vibratory feeders are economical to install.

The new and improved electromagnetic feeder design feeds more material for the size of the deck than any competing unit.

Higher capacities assure reduced space requirements and therefore help ensure an easier match with your existing belt conveyor or other equipment.

Reliable power unit assembly simplifies maintenance and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Feeder Model 1 BH 

Electromagnetic vibratory feeders are extremely useful in plastics, rubber, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, glass, and other allied industries.

For feeding to automatic scales, screens, grinding mills, elevators, packing machines, and sorters. The model 1 BH feeder will handle up to 280kg per hour.

Capacity is regulated by means of an adjustable controller which comes complete with an on-off switch, control dial, fuse, and pilot light.

The capacity can be instantly varied from zero to maximum. When required, a motorized control can be furnished where the feeder is to be operated automatically.

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