High-Density Solids, Concrete & Mortar Pumps

Wolfram Mining Supplies has a trade agreement in place with Putzmeister Pumps SA.

High density solids, concrete, and mortar pumps distributed by Wolfram include those used for backfilling, muck pumping of coarse-grained slurries and paste, transport of fine-grained slurries and paste as well as tailings.

High-density solids pumps

The HSP (hydraulic seat valve pump) is an oil-hydraulic piston pump with hydraulically actuated seat valves. It is used to transport highly viscous materials with a low content of foreign bodies at smaller particle sizes (diameter < 5mm).

 All moving parts are connected to a central grease lubrication system in order to increase the lifetime of the components.

The KOS pump is a valveless two-cylinder piston pump for conveying thick media with high solids content.  The main fields of application of the KOS are with materials that present the most extreme requirements, such as dewatered sludges containing solids, oil sludges, high-viscosity solids, and so on.


With the SK and ZX series, or the PX hose system, we are offering, in combination with the relevant pump, an optimum system for the economical and safe conveying of concrete and mortar.

Delivery lines with matching coupling systems create a connection that is one hundred percent secure. They are adjusted to the purpose and, depending on this, are extremely mobile, easy to assemble, quick to open, or extremely rigid.


A batching plant must be high-performing, tough, and user friendly. Easy manoeuvrability, automatic, and accurate batching systems for optimum productivity. Design innovations like this make it shine in its field. Available through Wolfram Mining Supplies.


Putzmeister offers one of the world’s most comprehensive range of powerful machines including concrete pumps & mortar pumps for a wide variety of applications. Whether screed, self-levelling floor screed, plaster, fine-grained concrete or shotcrete – they offer a range of machines ideal for mixing and pumping.


With a range of low-profile concrete pumps & mixers and mechanised or manual spraying equipment, Wolfram Mining Supplies is fully equipped to handle any part of the mining process. When it comes to solid pumping, Putzmeister is at the top of its game with machines that boast of high performance and reliability in harsh underground mining environments, and are resistant to heat, dust, humidity, and vibrations.


Concrete transit mixers, the ultimate in mixing and delivery vehicles. Reliable and low maintenance, they are up to the challenge posed by assorted rough environments and can supply transport concrete without loss in quality for years at a stretch. Integrated with heat treatable steel, they enjoy a long life.

High-Density Solids, Concrete & Motor Pumps: Contact us for details

If you would like to know more about our offers on high-density solids, concrete, and mortar pumps, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Wolfram Mining Supplies today, or continue browsing our website for additional information.


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