Wolfram Mining Supplies represents one of the largest centres for switchboards and electrical components in our industry.  With years of experience, a diverse and varied client-base, and a distinct focus on the needs of our client.

We supply gears, electric starters, gulley box systems, distribution boards and low voltage motor control centres, from leading manufacturers like Siemens, Weitkowitz and Intercable.

Brands we work with

We offer equipment and tools from the biggest brands in the industry, allowing us to ensure quality, reliability, and safety to each of our clients. With solutions from Siemens, Intercable and Weitkowitz, our clients are assured of enhanced productivity, safety and effectiveness.


Our switchboards & electrical components

Switchboards & Electrical SwitchGear

Wolfram Mining Supplies is a major supplier of electrical switchgear and related products to the mining and commercial industry.

We supply Motor Control Centres, Free standing MCCs, Commercial panels, Gulley rigs, Lighting Transformers, Winch Starters, Signalling Device Units, Starter Boxes and many more.

All of these solutions for switchboards and electrical components are manufactured according to customers specifications, to ensure that they suit the exact needs of your facility.

HV Electrical Tooling & terminals

Intercable offers the highest level of quality and safety in each and every product and tool they manufacture, which is why we at Wolfram Mining Supplies make these products the pride of our offerings to our clients.

With a focus on quality that adds value to our clients’ facilities, our offerings on Intercable products are used across South Africa.

The range includes HV Insulated Safety Tools, HV Cable Stripping Tools, cable lugs and terminals in all sizes.

If you are serious about safety, this is superior quality and a leader in the field.

Contact wolfram mining supplies for details

If you would like to know more about our offers on switchboards and electrical components or would like to book a consultation, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Wolfram Mining Supplies today or continue browsing through our website for details on our other offers.

Stilo60 Crimper Demo 300mm² / 60kN

Stilo-S Cutter 40mm Diameter Cable

AMS 1000V Universal Cable Stripper for External Insulation

AMX Universal Cable Stripper With Heavy Duty Outer Sheaths

FBS Cable Stripper for Vulcanized Semi Conductive Layer

IMS II Universal Cable Stripper for Primary Insulation


Southern Africa, DR Congo,

Zambia, Botswana, Namibia,

Mozambique, Madagascar

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