Built to be reliable, effective, and safe even under the toughest conditions, the underground mining equipment supplied by us here at Wolfram mining Supplies provides key functionality across multiple types of underground mines. From scraper scoops and scraper winches to drills and snatch blocks, we outfit facilities with key equipment and tools for their operations.

Working with leading equipment manufacturers and supplying a vast network of mines across Africa, our solutions ensure that mining facilities operate optimally, efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

Our conventional underground mining equipment range includes:

* Scraper scoops

* Scraper winches

* Snatch blocks

* Mono rope winches

* Rock drills

The underground mining equipment range is further complemented by the full product range of Putzmeister Equipment, ROCK DRILLS (underground and surface), SPARES, and AIR LEGS. Furthermore, Wolfram Mining Supplies provides Switch Gears, Electrical starters, Gulley Box Systems, Distribution Boards, and Low Voltage Motor Control Centers.

Kindly refer to the Switchboards & Electrical Components section for further information.

Our offers on underground mining equipment

Scraper winches

Wolfram supplies a robust range of Double Drum Scraper Winches & Mono Rope Winches manufactured to withstand some of the harshest mining conditions in Africa.

These winches are available in 37KW, 55KW, and 75KW. We also offer reconditioning and repairs of all winch components and allied spares.

Scrapers Scoops

Our Scraper Scoops are manufactured to withstand rugged mining conditions. We offer a full range of Scoops including T30 Hoe-Box Scraper, Gully Scraper, Z34Hinge-Back Scraper, Diamond Scraper, and T800 Hinge-back Scrapers from 1 Ton to 2ton and larger.

All spare parts and castings are available for the full range. Wolfram also supplies fully Casted Scrapers.

Underground Material Handling

These offerings include a full range of Mono-Line Equipment, Explosive Boxes and Drums, Snatch Blocks, Loco Jacks, Stepton Jacks, Mechanical, and Hydraulic Rail Benders, Rail Equipment, and more.

Rock Drills & Air Legs

Wolfram supplies top quality South African manufactured Rock Drills S215 & S25 (underground and surface), Retractable, and Non-Retractable Air Legs.

New Noise reduced 2nd generation V200 & V340 machines are also available. The complete range of spare parts is stocked.

Copper Blasting Cable – Disposable

Available in Single, double, and twisted strands from 0.50mm to a 0.86mm diameter for detonation applications in the mining industry. Customized orders on other sizes can also be manufactured. The blasting cable is insulated with a PVC coating, meeting stringent safety requirements of the industry. The wire is produced in reels or rolls ranging from 15 meters to 500 meters.

S & T Plugs (Socket & Tamping)

Pulp Cone S&T Plugs. Supplied in bags of 120 cones.

Contact Wolfram Mining Supplies for details

If you would like to know more about our offers on underground mining equipment, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Wolfram Mining Supplies today, or feel free to continue browsing our website to find out more about our offers.


Southern Africa, DR Congo,

Zambia, Botswana, Namibia,

Mozambique, Madagascar

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