Quality counts when being used. HELLA optical warning systems, signaling systems, beacons, and light bars mean we consistently implement everything that makes HELLA so special. Rotating beacons, flashing beacons, warning lights – that is where our specialists combine top technology with extreme resistance. And the result: high-quality Xenon or LED technology, sophisticated rotating mirror technology, which stands up to even the hardest conditions, and continual use without any problems. HELLA thus enables you to be absolutely sure about being seen


  • Ultra-compact design with high light intensity 
  • Flashing warning signal 
  • Long-life LED technology with no moving parts 
  • Absolutely dustproof and waterproof thanks to complete sealing, impact-resistant amber light dome 

Duraray 4.0

  • Rotating and flashing
  • Amber, blue, red, green or white

Ultraray 2.0 / 2.1 LED

  • Optimum warning efficiency
  • Day or night, surface or underground

K-LED Mining

  • Impact resistant Polycarbonate lens
  • EMC footprint meets the highest EMC standard

K-Led Rebelution

  • Rotating or flashing LED light function
  • Design beacon that impresses both technically and visually
  • Legally protected design and innovative light exit area

Micro/Mini Lightbar 

  • Rotating or flashing LED light function
  • Amber light output flash in both clear and amber lenses
  • Optimally protected against strong vibrations

FL Mini 

  • Flashing LED light function
  • High warning effectiveness
  • UL approval, SAE J845 class 3 approval

Miniray 2.1

  • All Amber and Red versions are SAE J845 class 3
  • LED flashing light function
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate dome is designed for Mining

BST/BST-V Warning Light (6LED)

  • 6 power LEDs for high warning effectiveness
  • Flat, compact design
  • Version with day/ night mode available
  • Various flashing patterns

BST/BST-V-SLIM Warning Light (6LED)

  • 6 power LEDs assure an optimum signaling effect
  • Super flat and slim design
  • Can be synchronized with two or more units
  • Various flashing patterns

BST/BST-SLIM Warning Lights (3LED)

  • 3 power LEDs provide an intense warning signal
  • Flat and very compact design
  • Various flashing patterns

BST-Round Warning Light 

  • Set of two BST-Round flashers and one controller
  • Various flashing patterns
  • Day/ night mode included

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