Battery Master Lockout Switches

  • Yellow-handled version
  • Reliable power disconnection
  • Composite-engineered polymer housing that will not corrode.
  • 300 A continuous current rating at 12 V and 250 A at 24 V
  • Temperature operating range: -40°C to + 85°C
  • Divider on base prevents accidental shorting of battery cables
  • Easy to read designations on the bezel and 90° switch travel make it easy to identify switch position

Hella Mine E-Stop

  • Versatility, Safety, Fast Installation
  • LED illumination visible from 3 sides

LED Buggy Whip

  • Light source: High-quality bright LED
  • Mulitvolt
  • Low power requirement
  • Cross flag red

Remote Jump Start System

  • High-capacity jump-start connectors
  • Eliminates the chance of cross polarity connections

Crimping Tools 

    DT Connections

      Various Handy Boxes

      The kit is comprehensive and yet small enough to fit into service vehicles.  It can easily be carried onsite for service.

      Assortment kits slide and lock into the handy Box, which is stackable.

      Handy Boxes are manufactured from lightweight, durable polypropylene, and contain comprehensive assortments of DT connectors, blade fuses, standard heat shrink, and crimp terminals.

      All parts in the kits are available as spares, allowing restocking whenever required

      Super Seal Connector Kit


      5 of each Super Seal Connector plug and socket
      – 100 x Plug Terminals
      – 100 x Socket Terminals
      – 100 x Yellow conductor seals
      – 100 x Red cavity plugs

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