Vehicle lighting plays an important role for more safety, especially in the mining industry. HELLA develops innovative lighting systems offering a high level of driving comfort as well as optimum illumination of the working area.

Zeroglare Technology

HELLA Mining has developed the ZERO GLARE™ optical system to bring the safety and comfort of highway driving to mining operations! The ZERO GLARE™ optical system ensures no light from oncoming traffic will be directed into the eyes of oncoming drivers eliminating the occurrence of discomfort or disability glare. The innovative optical system has a sharp horizontal cut-off to control the light onto the ground in front of the vehicle and not into oncoming operators field of vision. HELLA Mining utilised the HELLA Automotive LED optical developments for high end LED headlights for luxury cars and developed an extremely robust work lamp which offers all the benefits of highway driving.

Roklume 380n

  • Available in ZeroGlare
  • Developed specifically for Mining applications
  • Heavy Duty bracket for high vibration requirements
  • Light distribution optimised for Mining machinery

Roklume 280N

  • Available in ZeroGlare
  • Compact Size suitable for all Mining machinery
  • Heavy Duty bracket for high vibration requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant NanoSafe coating

Roklume C180

  • Powerful LED work light
  • Innovative light performance in a compact design
  • Corrosion-resistant NanoSafe coating

Roklume 140

  • Ultra-compact work light
  • Suitable for engine bays and inspection areas

Roklume 155 TP 

  • Thermal management
  • Compact size

Roklume 190 TP 

  • Developed specifically for Mining applications
  • Thermo Pro plastic housing
  • Compact size with powerful light output

Roklume S700

  • Available in 4 variants: Close Range, Long Range, Combi and Diffuse Flood
  • Complete corrosion resistant
  • Easy to mount and adjust


  • With practical handle to get work lamp in an optimal position
  • Swivel base mounting for more flexibility
  • With switch for easy switching on and off


  • Work lamp for flat mounting on the vehicle wall
  • Perfect close-range illumination all around the vehicle
  • Homogeneous light distribution

Modular Work Lights

  • HELLA modular work lamp series
  • Available as Style and Tech version with different luminous intensities
  • Complete integration in the cabin roof
  • Combinable with the HELLA Shapeline series

Hypalume 110/230V AC 

  • Developed specifically for mining applications
  • Highly efficient light distribution
  • Suitable for energy-saving lighting installation

Hypalume 24/48V DC 

  • Developed specifically for mining applications
  • Highly efficient light distribution
  • Suitable for energy-saving lighting installation

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